Altered Carbon is now streaming on Netflix!

Zahf is excited to have a recurring role on Netflix's new original, ALTERED CARBON, starring Joel Kinneman. The show boasts Netflix's highest concept and highest budget ever, so watch for the emergence of this series, inspired by Richard K. Morgan's novels featuring the character Takeshi Kovachs.

The Magicians 

The third season of the Magicians is now in full swing! Tune into Syfy to get caught up on the dark and sexy show and find out what is happening on Earth and in Fillory!

The Good Doctor

Zahf's character will return in more upcoming episodes of the Good Doctor so watch for anesthesiologist, Dr. Ashique Selim in this Golden Globe-nominated series!

L!fe Sentence

The CW's upcoming new series L!FE SENTENCE starring Lucy Hale premieres on March 7th, 2018.  Watch for Zahf in the role of Roger Shah.  Sorry, no spoilers!

Once Upon A Time

Season 6 of Once Upon a Time spends time in the mythical, magical city of Agrabah. Those who remember the classic Aladdin will enjoy seeing Zahf bring the role of Prince Achmed to life. 

S.W.A.T. Under Seige
Keep an eye out for Zahf as the hardheaded and wisecracking SWAT team officer 'Hooks' in the upcoming Untitled Seige Picture directed by Tony Giglio. The film stars Adrienne Palicki, Michael Jai White, Sam Jaeger, and Zahf's ol' Defying Gravity alumni Ty Olssen!